Alternative Dispute Resolution

Settling the dust.

Although our firm boasts a number of seasoned trial lawyers, we recognize that some disputes are better addressed in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) outside of the judicial process. Several of our attorneys serve as arbitrators, mediators, and Circuit Court Facilitators and assist in resolving disputes between the clients of other attorneys as neutrals. We also have several attorneys trained in collaborative law, which is on the emerging forefront of ADR. We are equipped with the experience and credibility required to resolve even the most complex matters.

We regularly counsel our clients about dispute resolution through alternative methods, including, but not limited to:

Arbitration. During the arbitration process, we will impose a legally binding decision. With more at risk during an arbitration, our neutrals are prepared to offer a reliable outcome, stemming from an efficient, cost-effective process which allows the parties a fair opportunity to be heard. 

Mediation. During the mediation process, we will assist in negotiating an agreement, using specialized communication tactics. We work to achieve the best possible outcome for all involved in the dispute, working conscientiously with the parties each step of the way. We are committed to reaching a voluntary, negotiated agreement that both sides feel satisfied with.

Collaborative Law. During the collaborative law process, we will assist our clients in negotiating with the opposing party and their counsel out of the courtroom. In order to avoid the uncertain outcome of court and the stress of litigation on our clients, we sometimes turn to collaborative law to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of the parties involved. We utilize this option to allow for a more cost-effective, efficient process and solution. 


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