GDP and Land Use Change Application

October 23, 2019

The General Development Plan (“GDP”) is a comprehensive plan to guide land use decisions in Anne Arundel County over a 20-year timeframe. Any policies and regulations concerning land use and development, including any rezoning, must be consistent with the goals of the GDP. The GDP reflects the importance of comprehensive planning and its impact on public services, the relationship between private and public land, the conservation of natural resources, financial stability, location and types of development, and the overall quality of life for county citizens. 

Anne Arundel County’s most recent GDP was approved by the County Council in 2009. The County is currently preparing for an updated GDP to be adopted in 2020. In preparation for the new GDP, the Citizen’s Advisory Committee has drafted a Plan 2040 Vision. To help with developing the Planned Land Use Map, which identifies the future land use designations that provide guidance in density, character, and location of land uses, the County has launched a Land Use Change Application. The application allows property owners who are interested in changing the Planned Use designation for their property to submit recommendations. Property owners may submit applications proposing a change to their property’s current zoning category. For instance, a property owner may seek to change their property’s designation from residential to commercial, or commercial to industrial. Please see the land use flyer for a complete list and description of the land use designations.

The deadline to file a Land Use Change Application is November 15, 2019. Although the GDP and rezoning process can likely take 2 years to complete, property owners who are interested in changing their property’s zoning should submit a land use change application on or before November 15, 2019, otherwise they may be barred from seeking a zoning classification change (rezoning) after this deadline has passed. 

If you are interested in a zoning change to your property, please contact Joseph F. Devlin or Susan T. Ford of Council Baradel’s Property Rights, Land Use, and Zoning Team to assist you with your application.